About us

Who We Are

Discover Atelier Du Sac – a brand committed to making conscious decisions for a sustainable planet. We prioritize product life over trends, quality over cost, and craftsmanship over mass production. With a focus on sustainability, we ethically source our materials and strive for zero-waste practices.

Our Materials

At the heart of our business is leather, and we take great care in tracing the origin of our materials to ensure we meet our commitments. Our small accessories are crafted from leather scraps or dead stock, enabling us to achieve our zero-waste target. Our bags are made from leather sourced from gold-rated Leather Working Group Tanneries, while our dust bags are crafted from cotton.

Our Production

Atelier Du Sac is not a mass production brand. We believe in using materials based on needs rather than trends. Our production process is meticulously designed to provide the attention to detail and quality our customers deserve. We prioritize durability, creating pieces that are destined to be cherished heirlooms for years to come.